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Exhibitions 2008

December 18 through January 29, 2009 : Group exhibition with focus on art revue "PA" which new theme is PA-ndemic*.
The gallery will present original works by 5 of the artists who has participated at this revue.

* PA-ndemic = 26 artist : pénélope bagieu, beesub, sonia borsarelli, daniel brunkert, david burel, aurélie crop, hermance des robert, anaïs goldemberg, atsuko ishii, marjolaine jacques, jeanspezial, juan, nina kck, lapin, brice marchelidon, niko, no futile, oniram, pascal oriac, hélène pé, julien pérenet, pic-vert, diego porcel, gildas secretin, marc thirouin, stéphanie turan. 104 pages with 3 posters

Nathalie Béreau Gallery, Chinon

©Isabelle Souvet-Echard, "Sal", les âmes, Juin 2007, digital edition, 5 ex.
©Isabelle Souvet-Echard, "Sal", les âmes, Juin 2007, digital edition, 5 ex.
mois de la photo>OFF

November 6 through December 6, 2008
"66°, Islande", Isabelle Souvet-Echard, black & white photographies + polaroïds
organized by Nathalie Béreau Gallery at 6, Mandel, Paris (XVIeme)
Exhibition selected by Mois de la photo-OFF (catalogue)

PDF - 1.2 Mb
Press release Isabelle Souvet-Echard

Alick Tipoti, Waru Ar Bidhiyal, linocut, edit.35
Alick Tipoti, Waru Ar Bidhiyal, linocut, edit.35

October 12 through November 12, 2008 : "contemporary prints, a forward-looking glance, II", group exhibition organized by Nathalie Béreau : etching, lithography and screenprinting, first part in Galerie Nathalie Béreau, Chinon

Artists :
Chica Boyriven - Patricia Erbelding - Arnaud Franc - Colette Grandgérard - Didier Hamey - Atsuko Ishii - Muriel Moreau
And with the complicity of Stéphane Jacob, Gallery Arts d’Australie, Paris :
two aborigines artists : Dennis Nona et Alick Tipoti

Second part of this show in Christian Collin Gallery, Paris (4 - 14 december)

September 14 through 24, 2008 : "Desirella", Ralph Samuel Grossmann, photography & video, Nathalie Béreau Gallery, Chinon, during European Heritage Days

L'Etang de Ville d'Avray, © Ralph Samuel Grossmann
L’Etang de Ville d’Avray, © Ralph Samuel Grossmann

About Desirella :

"Exulting with beauty

A woodsy trail, a woman’s body, sculpted as she is throwing herself, a couple embracing. (…) Here and there multicolored circles emerge, abstract and sudden appearances all over, teasing each other among the branches, running through the sculptures surface. Others pursue their course on immaculate white backgrounds, shining with exhilaration. These strange spheres seem to be traveling from some virtual world, like pixels from an imaginary film roll. Rightly so, indeed. Ralph Samuel Grossmann makes an inventive use of digital photography to create abstracts works far from the expected image the scenario could suggest. The aesthetical exultation one feels for the work increases the desire to possess it. A sexually charged approach to photography develops. Endlessly these images play with our senses, letting us in, but never allowing us any control." Christine Macel

c-print edition signed by the artist
Size (margins included) :
Landscapes : 50 x 70 cm / Circles 50 x 50 cm, edit.7
Landscapes : 126 x 86,5 cm / Circles 100 x 100 cm, edit.5
Video : 9mn, edit. 10
Availability of the works for sale :

Opening II, August, 12 th - September, 7th, 2008

Patricia Erbelding, painting and collage
Colette Grandgérard, sculpture and drawing
Ralph Samuel Grossmann, photography
Thierry Breton, sculpture and drawing
Maryline Pomian, relief and sculpture
Atsuko Ishii, etching
Gérard Omez, painting
Arnaud Franc, drawing
Chica Boyriven, etching

"Opening" : first exhibition at the gallery : July, 12th - August, 10th

Maryline Pomian
Chica Boyriven
Colette Grandgérard
Gérard Omez
Didier Hamey
Thierry Breton
Atsuko Ishii
Patricia Erbelding
Arnaud Franc

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