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Exhibitions 2009 outside the gallery

Jean-Michel Letellier and Miki Nakamura, paper works with kozo fibres
Métamorphose du papier
September 4th to October 3rd, 2009

Curator Gallery Nathalie Béreau at
6, Mandel, Paris

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Jean-Michel Letellier, Soleil, 2009, kozo paper
Jean-Michel Letellier, Soleil, 2009, kozo paper

Mark William Wilson Suspend our disbelief
Drawing, painting, flower installation
First exhibition in Paris for this born australian, living in New-York
June, 11th to July 11th, 2009

Curator Gallery Nathalie Béreau at
6, Mandel, Paris

38. Supernatural II, 2009

The harmonographic drawings, like the earlier works of Wilson, are pendulum driven.

They in essence illustrate the harmonics of music. Two pendulums move back and forth, the frequencies of their interplay record simple ellipses, spirals and other Lissajous figures. These rotating forms seem familiar yet provoke our imaginations as if from an alien or otherworldly state.
The frequencies of harmonics are shaping the entire cosmos and all that is within it.
It is not chance that has created the spiral of the inner ears cochlea, (latin for snail shell) it is created by tone as was the eye to light.
The mathematics of pythagorean harmonics in all creation, the chromosones in the cells of plants and the Mandelbrot repetition in their forms. Trumpet flowers transmitting and receiving, hearing the universe, the pineal gland and its pine cone shape, the third eye, the seat of the soul, consciousness.
Cosmic dimensions internal and external.
Spiritual recognition of the erotic as an impulse toward the divine, for which the entire living world aims.
Wilson pulls back the curtain to reveal to us the mysteries that influence us all.

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• Chemins de traverse : Patricia Erbelding, painting + Elisabeth Oulès, sculpture
6, Mandel, Paris
Exhibition 18 March - 18 april 2009

Exhibition curator : Nathalie Béreau Gallery

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• Espace Beaurepaire, Paris
[ Crossed glances : Australia - France ]
Works on paper and sculptures
Exhibition 3 - 8 March 2009

Exhibition curators :
Arts d’Australie Gallery • Stéphane Jacob
Nathalie Béreau Gallery, contemporary art, consultancy & sale
[ Crossed glances : Australia - France ] : the exhibition

This exhibition is the fruit of a friendship between two art dealers, Stéphane Jacob and Nathalie Béreau who met eachother thanks to Maryline Pomian, a french artist who was deeplys moved by her long stay in Australia . Her sculptures made of cigarette paper will make a link between the two art dealers in this exhibition that will take place at the Espace Beaurepaire.
Not only is the Espace Beaurepaire a vast exhibiting place - almost 200 m2 - but it also offers multiple ways of hanging that will allow the two art dealers to curate an outstanding exhibition.
Stéphane Jacob, director of the gallery Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob has selected contemporary aboriginal and western australian artists; as for Nathalie Béreau, she has opted for a restricted selection of artists she usually works with.
Works on paper - drawings of different technics but also engraving - and sculptures - bronze, wood, paper - will help you realize that art expressions from two far ends of the world are not obviously bound to be that different.
Connections of styles, ideas, sensitivity will definitavely rise from these crossed glances that will offer the visitor - art lover and art collector - another interpretation of the works displayed.

Artists’ list

France :
Thierry Breton, watercolour and sculpture (bronze)
Arnaud Franc, drawing (mixed media)
Jean-Yves Gosti, drawing (mixed media) and sculpture (steal/ stone)
Colette Grandgérard, drawing (mixed media) and sculpture (tarlatan)
Maryline Pomian, sculpture (cigarette paper)

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Australia :
G.W. Bot, linocut
Dean Bowen, etching
Christopher Croft, etching and mixed media (pen and watercolour)
Dennis Nona, linocut and etching
Wilma Tabacco, gouache on paper
Ann Thomson, mixed media on paper and engraving
Alick Tipoti, linocut
Kim Westcott, dry point

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Béatrice Arthus-Bertrand

Béatrice Arthus-Bertrand,
Béatrice Arthus-Bertrand, bas-relief, pebbles, cement & wire netting, detail ©JDelacroix

Sculptures & bas-reliefs
Pebbles, wood, cement
January 8 through February 9, 2009
Continuation of a part of the exhibition until March 14th during painting’s Raphaelle Pia exhibition.

Curator Gallery Nathalie Béreau at
6, Mandel, Paris

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