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June 2008

1st Night of Contemporay Photography
Monday, 23 rd, June, 2008
From 2pm until Midnight
Just for one Day and one Night!
Come Place Saint Sulpice, Paris VIeme (Saint Germain des Prés district)
M° Saint Sulpice

Patricia Erbelding, Interstate, Arizona, 2005 Patricia Erbelding, Interstate, Arizona, 2005

For its first edition, the Night of the Contemporary Photography invites you to celebrate the arrival of the summer in the magnificent frame of the place Saint-Sulpice. For a very long outdoor "night" - from 2 pm to midnight-, come to the meeting of the photography and his artists.

The Fair Holy Germain and Cyrille Deflandre, commissioner of exhibition, gathered more than 50 participants - photographers but also gallery owners, specialized booksellers and other professionals of the image - to allow you to discover the photographic art under all its forms and all its expressions.

For her participation at the First Night of Contemporary Photography
Nathalie Béreau will show Patricia Erbelding
Interstate & Dreamlands

Patricia Erbalding, Interstate, Texas, 2001 Patricia Erbelding, Interstate, Texas, 2001

Patricia Erbelding travelled between 2001 and 2005 through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada (Death Valley). From the road, she took pictures of architectures and landscapes, often situated near the borders between two states.

You will find no human presence on the photographs, it seems the places have been abandoned or maybe, invaded by the desert you can sense behind each road, each building.

Constructions that tell us about the artist’s taste for those gas stations, motels, restaurants, bars or bowling alleys you can find along the American roads; remainders of a style of architecture which developed in the fifties and sixties.

Inspired by car as well as space ship aesthetic, the Googie architecture mixes aerodynamic shapes and flashy colours supposed to attract the drivers’ attention. Today, these places carry a coat of the past.

Patricia Erbelding, allows the materials to speak: those that degrade with entropy and men’s renouncement or those revealing themselves, when the paint peels off in decay and rusts. A life continues then. Independent.

Interstate catches this present time transient between the « déjà vu » of a past that evocates the universe of road movies and the not yet totally abandoned of a future we can imagine as a vast no-man’s land.

Since 1995, the artist associates photography with her travels. She does more than registering places: she catches the atmospheres. From the industrial abandoned sites of the Wallonia in Belgium to the wide frontier landscapes of the Borderlands (United-States), the amusement parks and fun fairs of Dreamlands (New York and Europe), until the red angels of Berlin.

The series Interstate, like a five years work-in-progress, is the result of having followed all these routes crossing different states of America, different states of mind. A form of drifting.

Corine Girieud

Extracted from the interview between Tita Reut and Patricia Erbelding in L’Etat des métamorphoses , ART inprogress editions.

Patricia Erbelding : Photography appears in my work in 1995 where, invited as artist in residence in Belgium, I’m focusing on the declined industrial landscapes, these architectures are further decomposed by computer-assisted image processing. Moreover, it will impose itself from 1999 onwards with the artist’s books: the possibilities to print, to crop, to alter images and colors, to rework a space, the page becoming a reflection of the painting. Henceforth, the photography will appear in different forms and processes; printed and painted in series like “Borderlands” about Texas, or more recently, as classical color-prints with “Dreamlands”, a work on the amusement parks and sideshows between Europe and the US.

Tita Reut : What does the voyage – contemporary in your work with the photographic approach – represent in the dialogue between here and elsewhere, between the vibrating static and the unstable “instanciated”?

Patricia Erbelding : The voyage is linked to dream, as my dream of America and its mythical roads, themselves frontiers, lines, crossing desert landscapes and ghost towns. The photography is a dreamcatcher.

Patricia Erbelding, Dreamlands, Bakken, Copenhague Patricia Erbelding, Dreamlands, Bakken Copenhague

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